Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Hungry Planet

I found this amazing book called Hungry Planet written by a husband and wife team. Together they visited 24 families the world over to photograph and document what each family consumed in a week.

It’s scary to compare what the US family ate - not surprisingly it was all brightly coloured packaged foods - with the Sudanese family who has a bag of rice and a handful of vegetables supplied by UN groups.

Even here in Colombia I´ve noticed that they eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than we do back in Oz. Every morning we have fresh fruit for breakfast. All meals, even in restaurants, are accompanied by fresh juice (mango, mandarin etc). When Cata´s family goes shopping one whole trolley is filled to the brim with fresh fruits and veggies. No wonder Cata became sick when she visited my family in Toowoomba!

Mum, I’ll know you’ll be laughing at this remembering the time we saw how many wine bottles we’d gone through over the weekend alone.

I really urge you to look at the Hungry Planet website to see some of the portraits and to listen to the radio interview with the authors, it´s very interesting. Those of you who have veggie gardens and green thumbs, you’ll be pleased you do. Tom and Jade, good luck with making yours this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Does the vegetable garden counter-balance the wine consumption?

Jannie vd Spuy said...

Mais ouis bien sur! - a veritable garden of excuses - every justification one might ever need to (over) indulge on wholesome plonk. (Warning : such excess is likely to lead to carrot stalks with identity crises.)