Sunday, 29 April 2007

Self Saucing Pudding

We were given a bag of freshly picked passionfruits, and with all my training as "chef's little helper", I thought I'd just whip up a cake as I waited for my lasagne to bake.

I beat that little cake with my bare hands, no mix masters or hand held electric mixers - no no no, this was Country Woman's Association style. So when it had been in for 15mins and had achieved a text book golden brown colour I flipped it out onto the cooling rack, trying to exceed myself by not leaving wire marks on the cake's surface. I noticed that it was squishy but took that for spongy or moist - as B used to say. But before I could gloat: 'Just Call Me Martha', a tsunami of cake batter came flooding towards me. Needless to say Mum and PJ were in hysterics.

Cellar Door Update

We finished painting the door. However I haven't been game to tell them it reminds me of an area of Amsterdam I once saw.
PJ's now started with the paving ...
Mum and I resting our legs during the Garden Tour in Pittsworth.
"How's the serenity?"

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

[standing over Franky's body]
Bad Boy Lincoln: What has he got a tea cozy on his head for?
Sol: [sarcastic] To keep his head warm.
Bad Boy Lincoln: Well, what's the matter with him?
Vinny: He's been shot in the face, Lincoln. I would've thought that was obvious.
Compliments of Snatch quotes.

All shades of green

Planting bulbs in our 'secret' garden.

Naturally placed river rocks, agapanthus and spring bulbs at Bunnyconnellen.

Later that week I was telling Dad about my gardening plans and asked him why he wasn't interested in having a green thumb. He informed me that he already has a green thumb;
it's just a 40f gyral air seeder behind a 300 hp tractor - in a BIG 'garden'!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

It's show time...

Barry sent me these photos taken with his mobile phone:
Chef's little helper:
"eat me" said the chocolate truffle
"no" said C
"but I'm so dark and creamy"
"no, it's unprofessional"
"but you're only a helper!"
"ahh" - munch munch. sigh.
Making pasta for staff lunch (B and I always knew the right time to drop in)

CSI Cape Town

Sunday lunch antics
(Chef's business partner Craig in the background)

If only I had a bottle of wine
Antique shop Franshoek