Sunday, 29 April 2007

Self Saucing Pudding

We were given a bag of freshly picked passionfruits, and with all my training as "chef's little helper", I thought I'd just whip up a cake as I waited for my lasagne to bake.

I beat that little cake with my bare hands, no mix masters or hand held electric mixers - no no no, this was Country Woman's Association style. So when it had been in for 15mins and had achieved a text book golden brown colour I flipped it out onto the cooling rack, trying to exceed myself by not leaving wire marks on the cake's surface. I noticed that it was squishy but took that for spongy or moist - as B used to say. But before I could gloat: 'Just Call Me Martha', a tsunami of cake batter came flooding towards me. Needless to say Mum and PJ were in hysterics.


Sam said...

ha ha ha! I'm guessing there was no way to recover that one?! still... cake is cake in my book! xx

Anonymous said...

I was able to heartily laugh at the tsunami...until it set like a post lava spill (geophysically recognised as granite) on the kitchen bench for the next day scrape-off! However, Candice's imagination saved the day...and we ate the 'second cook-off' with great cheers of "well done you"!

Barry said...

nice trick bokkie - wouldnt call it a flop, but we all know flops taste the best by far anyway. I've sent another letter / parcel over with a couple of surprises and yes, even a hand written note, you lucky thing. take care kiddo.