Wednesday, 31 May 2006

I stumbled on heaven

Popular belief is that Andres Carne de Res is the most spectacular restaurant in all of South America. It´s a Colombian institution. Families and friends gather for lunch and then stay to dance the night away. I was having a sensory overload… the dishes of plantana served on clay plates, coal cooked meats, dips and salsas in wooden saucers, sangria and juice in coconut bowls – the music and live bands – every inch of space filled with paintings, sculptures, artifacts, odds and ends.


Jannie vd Spuy said...

Darling it looks pretty amazing - you didnt happen upon Johnny D under one of those rustic tables by any chance? I could easily imagine him and yours truly discussing the finer aspects of your "look" over a steaming bowl of ... No seriously, I can see the reason for the sensory overload - the pics are brilliant, and Im starving! Kinda reminds me of a 1940's oak dining room set I once bought - imagine the conversations - or, and I'll plead ignorance of all Columbian - Mexican relations of this back fires, that evening in Mexican Kitchen in Stell - as swirly as it was. Keep up the awesome reporting baby - I've only recently chosen my battle. S

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear (and see) you are having such a bad time - chin-up....ha,ha!L,D