Monday, 10 July 2006

Photos from Los Llanos (see old post)

The holiday house.

In the pool.

The statue of Mary in the garden.

By the pool



sam said...

I hate you! You are having so much fun in the sun right now! Everything looks and sounds so beautiful I really wish I was there partying with you! Cant wait to see more photos. Perhaps you could send a group email around with a couple extra attached? xx s.

Anonymous said...

ditto Sammy's note! Mama xxx

Gilly said...

Hey Candy,

I think your doing all the partying that i'm not at the moment. My blogs are boring compared with the fun and games you have been getting up to.

Hopefully i will have something to compete with you when i go to the biggest street party in the world in a couple of weeks time though. It's in Zurich with over 500,000 people from all over the world at one big street party! Can't wait, i've been hanging to party, especially every time i read one of your blogs!

Take care and talk soon,

Ciao xx