Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Those eyes have lost hope

So I´m at my desk in my new job at OZI International, stealing some minutes between typing up work manuals and preparing for interviews. OZI International has been sending Colombians to studying in Australia for more than 6 years. The owner, Diomedes Vivas, sent Catalina and Tomas to RMIT to study with me!

I’ve been employed to start-up OZI Migration, and extra service of OZI International. The business opportunity is to advise Colombians about migrating to Australia and to assist them with the Visa Application process which can be a red tape nightmare. I was looking at becoming a partner, but that hasn’t seemed to eventuate, so for now I’m a contracted employee.

Colombia is a remarkable country, however for the majority of people this country can not offer them the high level of lifestyle and work opportunities that Australia can. I had an interview with a young women last week, she was beautiful with thick curly hair like Shakira and big dark eyes that were so sad. She almost made me cry. This women is kind, and intelligent (she has an engineering degree) but has had her visa rejected from the UK twice and as a final attempt is looking at migrating to Australia, because there are no opportunities for her here. It breaks my heart that Colombia is losing beautiful people like this. This country is amazing, it has a vibe and a passionate culture like no other, however everyday I see its good people begging to leave. Australia again is the lucky country, not just because of its lifestyle but because we can attract such wonderful people as the Colombians to become our new citizens. Australia immigrates 120,000 people a year, I just wish they could all be Colombians.

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Gilly said...

Glad to see your back doing some work! Didn`t think you could go forever partying and pissing up.

Well knowing Candy, you probably could have, but good on ya for getting amongst the Columbian working force. Now theres one less job for a Columbian and one more reason to keep exporting them! Haha

Do they have a photocopier that keeps jamming?