Friday, 13 October 2006

We'll always have Cape Town

I just spent the morning wandering around the Waterfront in Cape Town. Popping into the tourist shops, walking over the habour bridge, taking in the view of the clock tower and Table Mountain- just generally wasting time while Barry was in a meeting.

The Cape Grace Hotel in the Waterfront, Cape Town

When I was taking in the view of Table Mt, which I heard someone say is like the waterfront's tiara, I spotted two playful seals. They were splashing about and lying on their backs with their flippers in the air catching some rays.

Being Friday, we finish up at the office at 4pm, and are driving back through to Cape Town for sundowners overlooking Camps Bay:

You can see how Cape Town wraps around Table Mt and Devils Peak (which I climbed back in 2001). These areas are nature reserves, thus maintaining the views of trees and natural environments even when you're in the middle of a huge city, it's one of the aspects which makes Cape Town so stunning.

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