Friday, 19 January 2007

Off to Namibia

Unfortunately, because my Visa runs out on Monday and I can’t have it renewed here in SA, B and I have to drive to Namibia on Sunday.

It’s a long way, a very long tiring drive for Barry. The positive is we’ll get to spend some quality time together before he leaves on his 3 week business trip. But really overall it’s just a hassle that takes him away from work and adds more stress in an already very busy week.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I have more luck with the Customs staff in Namibia than Susan had in the UK.

Also, just to keep you posted. I’m pleased to announce I’ve been offered a second interview for my dream job next week.

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Titania said...

Congratz on that interview - holding thumbs for ya! Hope you enjoy the new travel arrangements ;-) -Sandra