Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Day Out

On Sunday Sammie and I helped Mum celebrate her birthday by visiting GoMA, Brisbane’s modern art gallery. To make a day of it we left the car behind and took the City Cat (ferry) up the river and then strolled along the Southbank promenade until researching the newly renovated museum and gallery complex.

I’ll admit we spent equally amounts of time in the gallery shop and café as in the gallery itself, but that’s the idea isn’t it?

The highlight was definitely the interactive installation in the international art event; the Asia–Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Viewers were given paper and use of crayons to rub etchings of Thai symbols which had been cleverly carved into those old school lecture chairs with the fold over writing rest. Just like in school were we were sent out into the playground to make rubbings of tree bark and coins.

Southbank, Brisbane

B - this photo is for you. Some inspiration for our Bougainville trellis.

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