Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Where even the Cellar Door is a little tipsy…

The Bunnyconnellen cellar door was officially opened a few weekends ago. Launched in style with an Art Preview Cocktail Party on Saturday evening followed by a Sunday Picnic and Gourmet BBQ open to the public.

Three minutes prior to the 10am opening on Sunday Mum asked me to ‘help’ behind the bar. That was the last thing I remember until I finally escaped, on dusk, to sit with friends.

Mica, Nic (who manages my NEIS program) and Shani

During the day I was filled with pride to see people enjoying our property; I’d look east to the dam and see happy couples wandering the vines; then west to see lines of people waiting for kebabs while listening to live jazz as kids dressed as pirates ran around tormenting picnic-ers who were sinking deeper into the lawn with every drink.

Ben (who designed the Bunnyconnellen brochures),

Nic, Shani, Me & of course Molly!

We ended the night with a Bomb Fire and only wished we’d thought to bring guitars and bongo drums – next time.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you darling for this brief description of the occassion for the day also 'dashed' by for me. Thank you also for your unwavering support when we needed your quick mind, hands and enchanting smile on the job behind the bar. Sales were no doubt improved thanks to the blonde!