Tuesday, 13 June 2006

I’ve the fever


This morning I spent most of my Spanish tutorial cheering on Australia as the Socceroos scored three times in eight minutes to beat Japan 3-1. I’ve been bitten by the fútbol bug… please send me Aussie T-shirts, zinc cream and stuffed Koalas. It’s great because all Colombians are supporting Australia because we beat Uruguay and the Colombians think Uruguayans are cheats… or something like that.

Even last night when I was having dinner at Frida, a Mexican restaurant, two men were walking around measuring the dinning room walls and debating where to put another television… one guess what that was about.

Also at 3pm this afternoon Brazil is playing someone (please I have no idea!) so everyone is desperately making excuses not to be at work… in the UK it’s been termed Soccer Leave, it’s the new Sick Leave.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Chica, Como estas? The game was great. Shame about our loss this morning! love Jadey