Friday, 9 June 2006

Ringxiety (ring.ZY.uh.tee) n.

1.The confusion experienced by a group of people when a cell phone rings and no one is sure whose phone it is. 2. Mistaking a faint sound for the ringing of one's cell phone.

In the long month that I was without a mobile phone I am embarrassed to admit I suffered from ringxiety. I would catch myself looking for my phone in my handbag to check for messages, or I would experience audio illusion, mistaking the sound of traffic or a faint noise for the sound of my phone ringing, beeping or vibrating. It was the telecommunication equivalent of phantom limb syndrome, where amputees still feel the sensations of a limb that isn't there any more.

I guess my addiction has slowly grown over the last eight years, since my first pink flip phone back in high school (sigh). So, to feed my habit, I’ve recently connected with Comcel – I’m a whole person again.

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