Friday, 9 June 2006

I´ll have an O … make it a double.

Yesterday I voluntarily pushed plastic tubes up my nose to sniff – no, not cocaine - but oxygen! After yet another long night of partying (opening night for Fiesta del Mar) I was willing to try anything to lessen my hangover and this new and unusual kind of diversion looked promising… sooo Californian.

You know how there are certain acknowledged social conventions that apply when in a bar. Well, those rules don’t seem to apply at an Oxygen Bar; it feels very unnatural to have a casual conversation with someone when you’re both tethered by the nose to a bubbling machine. Luckily there were stacks of glossy magazines, so the unspoken consensus was to relax, read and quietly sip our herbal teas. I was slightly concerned I would have some kind of 1993 relapse of accidentally siphoning the drink back though my nose, but it was fine, I was able to continue my appearance of composition and tranquility as my detox mixture of pumpkin, coco, lime and caffeine bubbled over my head.

Afterwards I´ll admit I felt more clear headed - pretty much the opposite of how I normally feel when leaving a bar – but how much of the effect was real, or imagined I can’t say. I think it just helped to sit and breathe deeply for 15 minutes, but then, that wouldn’t be as cool would it?


Anonymous said...

Multi flavoured oxygen (photo) - who would have thought....! L,D

Anonymous said...

Good grief