Tuesday, 6 June 2006


This church perched on a mountain overlooking the city of Bogotá expounds the catholic belief: to suffer. Luckily we didn’t have to walk the 100m high mountain, but took a funicular instead. Still, many people climb all the way to the church and then – for added grace - crawl on their knees for the last 50m including up stairs leading to the entrance!

What was really charming and sooo Colombian, was that next to this religious monument there was a market including makeshift bars offering hot panella (sugar) drinks doused in the infamous aguadiente. And it was 10am – a religious experience in itself.

I bought some gloves knitted with little pictures of llamas… yes, I think the altitude and drink went to my head.

Oh, and then, I became a television star… (link coming soon).

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Koos Koekemuur said...

Midst the death of a Stellenbosch winter, torrents of frozen rain pelt the nether regions of Dorp St; where 2 hundred year old neo-gothic buildings and even older oak trees stand as solemn remnants to a social system gone beserk - the beautiful Eleanora, propieter of the Benelli Event & Tapas Bar (and part time German Literature Lecturer/hustler)raises her Italian glass of Polish Vodka (secret stash) - resplendant with apple juice, and, depending whose version you believe, a single red cherry)and famously declares that long suffering, whilst it may even be perversely cathartic, remains, suffering.