Thursday, 24 August 2006

Worldwide, Baby

create your own visited country map

I was reading Lara and Claire’s blog: trippingonwords. Its awesome, these two girls are traveling the world because they have nothing better to do, and they are hilarious! At the moment they’re climbing Mt Everest. Anyway, they had this cool map with all the places in the world they have traveled in so far… and of course, I thought, HEY, I want one of those!

Well, I feel like I’ve done a lot of traveling, but really, I was rather disappointed about the lack of red on my world map. As I was reading all of the countries listed, I was constantly thinking, oh, I haven’t actually been there, places like Thailand, Vietnam or Venezuela. I’ve visited 25 countries, which is 11% of the world. That’s the equivalent of only one biscuit in a whole pack/tray of TimTams!

Anyone up for adventure? (ps. the photo is of one of the hippy locals in Tairona, Colombia)


Huck said...

Hey there Candice, cheers for the blog comment, its nice to know i have people reading my blog. You seem to do heaps of updates, so i am going to have to take a leaf out of your blog, and lift my game! Happy blogging!

Candice said...
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Candice said...

You are competitive aren’t you? S

I bow to your site. How did you get your photo banner? Both Gilly and I want one (we´re a little competitive too, you know).

I know that I love to read the comments people leave on my blog. I guess it makes me feel special that people are even reading it.
So to all my family and friends out there: Please leave a comment when you drop by; just imagine your name UP IN LIGHTS! (Or Times New Roman as the case may be…)

Chris said...

Hi Candice,

Nice blog. I just added it to my favourites. Thanks also for introducing me to World66. I thought I was well-travelled until I looked at your map and realized that there would be big absences of red in South America and Australia. Maybe one day...