Thursday, 26 October 2006

Farm Fresh Blueberries

The other day I noticed a black board across the road from Welgevonden advertising freshly picked blueberries.

See the sign in the background?

Unfortunately the opening hours for this little farm stall, which was just up the road, were also Barry’s work hours. Having deciding that walking there probably wasn’t the safest I decided to wait until Thursday when I would accompany Chef to his lecture on Fish and Shellfish at the local university.

In the mean time I searched the internet for a recipe for Blueberry Muffins – from scratch. Sammie and I used to make them all the time for school, but that was a packet mix only requiring mixing in an egg and then licking the bowl.

They turned out fine… but because of I had a bucket of blueberries I made two batches over the week (24 muffins) and now I don’t want to see another blueberry muffin for a long time, as I write this I’m being stared down by a half eaten one next to me.

Yummy Muffins

The dam opposite the front gate where the sign was.


Anonymous said...

Had to be worth it, just so you could lick the bowl again - L,D

Sam said...

yum yum - but I know you - and that means out of the 24 or so that you made, you probably pigged out on about 20 of them yourself - didn't you? didn't you? ha-ha! Naughty Candice!

Candice said...

Sam, damn it!

You make me laugh because you know me so well. I think you deserve a prize for guessing the split correctly. One black baby is in the mail.