Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Maak daai Potjie

Preparing potatoes for the Potjie

Maak daai Potjie (Make the Potjie)
Roer daai Potjie (Stir)
Proei daai Potjie (Taste)
Dis Potjie Kos! (It’s Potjie food!)

We had another relaxing weekend in the Western Cape with highlights being:

*Eating delicious Chorizo & Olive pizza over looking Camps Bay beach on Friday evening as the sunset.

*Followed by sleeping over in the city apartment, allowing us to make an early trip to Llandudno beach the next morning.

*And reading the weekend paper in the sun to the sound of crashing 6f waves while watching a cold front move in on the horizon from the south – it looked like a tidal wave!

View of Llandudno Cove

However the grand finale was receiving an sms from Justin inviting us to a casual Potjie (at our house) on Sunday afternoon. We arrived after having some drinks with Chef (he says Howsit to all the family) to find the inflatable pool full, the umbrella up, the fire going and Justin and Sandra already rather intoxicated on “Justin’s Special Blue Lagoons”.

We had a wild afternoon.

Removing the sauted onions and chicken before beginning the layering.

I learnt to make Pojtie (‘little pot’ in Afrikaans) which I’m told is all about the layering of ingredients and then the extended cooking time which leaves your guests famished and inebriated so that they’ll enjoy what ever you put on their plates. (Mum and PJ are also adapt users of this technique.)

There were far too many nasty drinks, (Justin has a passion for making ‘specials’), the surprise appearance of genuine Cuban cigars????, a bit of rollerblading and running (don’t know who’s idea that was) and general crazy behavior which had us all passed out by 6pm!

Monday morning rudely arrived finding us all a little worse for wear. B was missing skin on both knees (I vaguely remember him in a star fish position on the road the evening before) and modeled a bruise running down his left side – ahh, that would have been when he bomb dived Justin in the pool - forgetting that it was only 30cm deep and the bottom lay on the solid concert stoep!

Myself, holding a degree in partying obtained at the University of Colombia, remembered to drink water all night and thus escaped the imploding headaches the other 3 were obviously suffering from that morning. Sandra looked like lobster and Justin… well, we still haven’t seen him yet, and it’s now Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see Mrs Ball's Chutney being included in the menu!