Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Bored Doe

Fairview Wine Estate.

Goats do Roam - the label speaks for itself.
We visited Fairview, near Paarl, on Sunday morning. Completing a 6 glass wine and cheese tasting before midday - what are weekends for?
We bought a selection of cheeses home with us and that evening I cooked a delicious Roast Pumpkin & Chevin Goats Cheese Rissotto for the extended family at Nutwood Gardens.

The Goatfather Penthouse

Master Wine Taster

The house of cheese... Cata and Melissa, I had some for you.

Mum, these next photos are for you.

I thought you'd love this little water way into the dam.

We thought these two sculptures would fit in nicely at Bunnyconnellen.

However, that mean rabbit costs as much as a car!


Anonymous said...

You two have summed it up in one. Perfect sculptures for Bunnyconnellen! Loved seeing you looking so happy in the photos - how many glasses had the Master of Wines had? Much love to you both. Ma'Ma

Anonymous said...

Goat Tower - you should send a photo to Donald Trump....!

Like your mother said, great to she you looking happy.

L, D