Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Green Thumb

Over the weekend I wrecked my manicure by gaining a green thumb. We went to one of the biggest nurseries in Cape Town, complete with pet centre, outdoor animal nursery (cute goats, pigs and turtles), cafĂ© and boring art gallery. I laughed the whole way around as Barry randomly pointed out plants calling them the wrong name – “ look lilies” as he points to hibiscus, “lavender” as we walk past agapanthus. I think I just like how confident he is when he says it, and it’s also funny because this seems to be his only knowledge weak point.

B has a love for gardens from his Father, I have my knowledge of plants, which I didn’t realize was so vast from my Mother. Being the constant pragmatist I don’t really see the point in growing something I can’t eat.

“Those herbs are pretty” I say as I point out a large area of small green plants.
“But they don’t have flowers”
“Umm, they don’t have flowers.” I admit, then quickly add in defense;
“But you can eat them!”
This receives a look which says: Candice, stop being so pragmatic and try and enjoy the pleasure a flower can bring.
“Those roses are pretty” I say in a perky voice with my hand sweeping over the rest of the garden centre.

Yellow rose

B catching some rays

Tools. Note: nitrate plant steroid, works a gem.

End result, on our balcony.

Roses starting to bloom on Tuesday morning


Anonymous said...

Prize winning garden - love that view above the said garden! L, D

Sam said...

I've decided that you should make a goal for yourself.... I believe you should write a short novel - your way of wording events and small everyday situations is so entertaining to read. I just love it, and can so easily picture everything you say, down to your gestures, and facial expressions. Obviously I have an advantage since I konw you so well, but still - I think many more people would enjoy your everyday stories too. So... think about it, ok? xx s.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering,who/what is benefiting from the container of Muscle? The plants or the gardeners? Both obviously doing well on the said steroids!
From one gardening enthusiast to new recruits to the club...well done kiddos on your splendid efforts.
xx M'a