Wednesday, 18 October 2006

!Happy Twenty First Samantha!

Today my little sister, who I usually picture as a 3 year old with long curly hair has turned 21!

Samantha, ever delightful, while camping in Byron Bay

When Sammie visited me in Melbourne - Penthouse Party

My most darling friends, Daniel and Samantha

(Daniel, not to be confused with Sammie's NZ boyfriend, Dan)

In my brilliance I organized for a Colombian friend to delivery Samantha her birthday present back in August when he was on a business trip. So this morning the first birthday card she read was from me – tears of joy are a great way to start the day.

Sammie, has already sent me an email updating her big date, and guess what her boyfriend surprised her with: a darling necklace with little diamonds and

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

A return (it better be!) flight to New Zealand – Dan’s home country. So Sammie will be spending some of her firsts days being an adult looking at sheep, bungy jumping, and correcting people on how to say ‘six’ correctly. Lucky girl.

Happy Birthday Darling!

Of course I wish I could be there to embarrass you with stories and shake your pina coladas. Have an awesome birthday party, dance till dawn. Have you heard that new song Rock the Party… pump it, louder!

Ps. I had this birthday cake made for you, but the nice lady at the shop said it wouldn’t travel well in the mail, so B and I will eat it ourselves and think of you.

Pss. People here in deep Africa don’t understand my Aussie accent too well, so that little old lady thought I said your name was Summer (go figure) and confused 21 for 5??? But she was so kind that I said it didn’t really matter.

Hope you like it, love your Big Sis xoxxo


Anonymous said...

Amazing what a small accent mix-up can produce - Samo will be so sorry she missed out on that cake!

Jokes aside - an excellent 21st Blog to Samo, so well put together. L, D

Sam said...

Hello far off sister, Love your blog - very sweet of you to think of me and put it all together!! I did have a wonderful day, and I will be thinking of you with every sip of my pina colada on Saturday!! Hopefully the weather keeps the sun smiling down at me - forecast is stormy, but perhaps not until later in the evening (fingers crossed!). Love you so much! kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss! xxxxxooxox sammie. x

Anonymous said...

How precious are sisters? A joy to read this entry and as for the cake ... priceless. I'm sure there is another photo somewhere of Sam with her tongue out riding a motorcycle! Shall we add it?