Friday, 17 November 2006

Tomato Pasta with White Leye

I’ve learnt now, but for a while, B & I used to go through the same routine most nights.

C: Baby, what do you feel like for dinner; Tomato & Mushroom Pasta or Malay Curry with Caramelized Pumpkin? (Calling from within the pantry)

B: Where’s the meat? (Asked with exasperation)

C: Oh.

So don’t tell B but the other evening the only protein in the house was a thick slab of steak. Under no circumstance was I adding steak cubes to my lovingly prepared pasta.

We sat down outside; candles flickering, a soft breeze blowing over the vineyards, and I stated the ingredients of the pasta with a flourish of my napkin and pride in my voice.

There was a brief pause. A slight almost undetectable slump in his shoulders.

“Oh, and bacon” I quickly white lied.

With this a broad smile broke out across his face and I was given a ‘bon appetit’ kiss and a dove flew over our table and into the sunset with an olive branch in it’s beak.


Anonymous said...

Well done Darling! The head and neck are becoming in tune...

Anonymous said...

Oh, what can I say; thank you for the recipe in human relationsahips; you are smarter than I gave credit. So young to be passing on a message to me. I'll make note of your methods. Bravo! Clever girl for being so observant! Love, Marnie and Pang