Friday, 24 November 2006


Barry and I spend a lot of time in the evenings and over the weekends walking around the Welgevonden estate. Only 75% of the plots have been developed so there are always new houses and gardens to sticky-beak at.

After one of these walks we arrived back to our house and thought; wouldn’t it be nice to have some greenery in front of our place? Then I came up with the idea of a trellis, making a corner in the driveway and blocking our next door neighbour’s car. Of course B immediately thought of using Jarrah of-cuts and planting fuchsia coloured Bougainvillea.

4 hours of blood, sweat and splinters!

And Da-Da!

Yes, we connected all those pieces together…

Tune in next week for photos of the finished project (ie. we're off to buy pots now, and are planting the Bougainvillea tomorrow.)


Candice said...

B just read the finished posting and asked, 'what is a sticky beak?'. S

Ahh, I remember PJ asking the same questions over the Crows Nest's motto.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet there is a market for such a smart looking trellis....?! L,D

Anonymous said...

It seems a 2% result was adequate for this very well executed task.
Congratulations on such a creative effort using seemingly throw-away off-cuts. Perhaps this has the potential for a new line in the Soloman Timber Business! xx

Melissa Afanador said...

You look beautiful in that blue dress!!! Hey I am sure that second interview is going to be perfect... you are really a match for that job! I hope you get it!! loveya, meli!