Tuesday, 28 November 2006


As some of you may know, I’ve recently applied for a graduate position. Making it into the second round, I was requested to conduct an online assessment. It took about an hour and reminded me of all of those state exams as a kid, where you filled out your answer by colouring a circle with dark pencil.

It all seemed to go well. The number ones were a little confusing but I managed to work them out; the arty ones with shapes and dots were of course a breeze. Well that was what I though until I received my results.

As you can see, my results were plotted against another group of graduates of which a whole hill and valley were smarter than me! Normally I would cry at a result like this, tears would flow and negotiations with my teachers would start at anything under a 75%. But 2%? Does a letter even correspond with that? F for flunk? Y for why did you even bother? But I laughed instead, and shuddered as it sounded like Mr. Burns.

I hope that this HR team isn’t as narrow minded at the Australian Airforce which sent me packing quickly after I flunked my IQ test – doesn’t personality count for anything these days? It wasn’t like I was wanting to fly a fighter jet!

Well, my good friends, it seems it does. The test results also included this paragraph (which I’m guessing is automatically uploaded when people receive a score lower than 50% to ward off their clients' suicidal thoughts):

As Figure 1 shows, your score on the test exceeded 2% of the sample of Graduates. This result suggests that in relation to this group, there is a low likelihood that critical thinking and problem solving are strengths of yours. To promote your performance at work, it is therefore probable that you will use other professional and personal qualities you have. Which may relate to such things as knowledge of the job, a keen attitude, dealing effectively with people, and being well qualified.

They forgot to mention tall and blond.


sam said...

hey, do you think I can do the test? or can I not access it - it would be interesting!

Candice said...

Yeah, yeah. We all know you're smarter than me!

Unfortunately you cannot simply access the tests, you must be invited. It's conducted on the www.onetest.com.au website and only once you have applied for one of their clients positions.

Anonymous said...

It occurs to me that for you to receive only 2% for any test would mean there has been some sort of mistake - don't you think, blonde or not! L,D

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding bell-curve graphs indicate averages. I interpret your positioning on the graph to illustrate your ability to think differently from the average punter and being in the top 2 percent, which is more your norm! Your Blonde Mother sends her unquestionable love! xx

Anonymous said...

I am only used to hearing all the 'up' results; perhaps you are normal afterall! An unseen blonde is sometimes hard to interpret; suggest you buy a bottle of brunette before you undertake further tests...
much love, Marnie xx

Candice said...

Oh Marnie,
It's great to see you commenting! And what a comment too!

Must head to the shops asap!

Love you, C

Sam said...

On another note - I put Santa on Dad's tree this morning - Ask him to send you a up-close photo so you can print it off and put it on your tree over there! Love you! xx

Candice said...

Sammie, what a cool idea. I'll ask Dad now. Thanks for thinking of me. xoxoxxo