Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Camping in Algeria

Ready to Hike to the Waterfall (pictures of waterfall will be uploaded later)

We packed the trusty bakkie (4x4) on Thursday evening. Dusting off our equipment, charging the lantern, filling the cooler box (esky) and discovering a half eaten cheesecake in our picnic hamper from a Valentine’s picnic 2 years ago – thank goodness for preservatives: it didn’t have a speck of mold on it.

On Friday left work at the reasonable house of 12.30pm heading north for 2 hours passing through the country town of Malmesburg. We watched the landscape dry out as we crossed the Swartland (black land) taking its name from the burnt out maize and mille (corn) fields following harvest. Ascending the mountains 600 meters and entering the Citrusdale region, famous for its citrus and rooibos tea groves, is our favourite part of the trip. We then drive parallel to a creek bed with white sandy sides, who’s source is the waterfall we hike to at the camp site. Then turn right and pass lagoons filled with waterbloomtjies (flowers) where ostrich gather to drink and where I’m sure I spotted hippos wallowing under the water.

Our Camp (unpacking - thus the messy tent cover)

Laughs with Aunty Line and Uncle Paul

Okay, must go into Cape Town now... will post more photos when I return.


sam said...

Yay for photos! I love looking at photos - more of them and more of you please! Looks very hot though? I leave for NZ on Tuesday morning for my two week holiday - just not enough time! Might start planning a 6 month getaway when uni finishes! who knows where I might end up.....

Anonymous said...

Love meeting everyone through the photos. You actually make camping look like fun ...and comfortable! Absolutely love your sense of humour in your descriptions and realisations, M'ma xx

Candice said...

Sammy, B & I have a travel idea for you... but it's still pretty Top Secret. Will talk to you about it in due time.

Taking about top secret - isn't Casino Royal THE BEST bond film ever! Wow, I'm still trying to think over it. We went and saw it last night in a packed cinema. I highly recomend it. And take note of the first scene, that african guy does all those jumps - no stunts! Ama-zing!