Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Safari in Pilansberg National Park

The first day we had booked the 5am game drive B and I slept right through the alarm clock. Our friends, noticing everything being very quiet in our room, decided that we must have been very organised and already up at reception waiting.

It was definitely worth setting both alarms the next day:

Three cubs practising their hunting skills.


Anonymous said...

Impressive photgraphy - who was on the shutter? L,D

Titania said...

Feel free to email Justi-fy at for more examples of this Safari photography :-) Hihi, we missed you guys on the game drive - ourselves having a rep for oversleeping, it didn't even once cross our minds that we were up before your guys... :p Hope you're well girl...

Just-ify! said...

Impressive display of plagiarism *grin*.

Just kidding, Candy ask my permission to use the pics.

Was a lovely morning though.. the advantages of getting up in the morning with the birds and worms.