Friday, 2 March 2007

Happy Birthday Darling

I know I promised that this year, for the very first time in our 6 year relationship, I would be with you on your birthday. However fate has intervened and I’m forced again to wish you the happiest of birthdays from a distance.

As I’ve already told you, your birthday present is under your bed – I knew you’d never look there! So enjoy the surprise when you get home this evening.

Birthday Present for YOU!
You underestimate the sneakiness.

Have a wonderful time tonight at dinner and tomorrow with Heather, Craig and Chef, I’ll be thinking of you.

Ps. I’m already making plans for your party next year – it’ll be a rippa (I’m getting into the Aussie slang) and will make up for my absence over the last 6! (I promise)


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day...and no doubt so much wiser today than yesterday! We wish for you the happiest of years and may you and Candi share much more time together through it.
Much love, Pj and Janie

Barry said...

Thankyou kiddo, I'm thrilled to have finally made the front page! I look forward to looking under the bed (never mind that noise you heard, its just the beast under ..) - but infinately more so to the day I can share such moments with you. I love you darling, talk soon.

And thanks for the wishes Pj and Janie, means a lot - both Candice and I value your understanding, and more so, your support. Regards,