Monday, 19 February 2007

Straylia Calling

Even though I have a return ticket to Australia with Qantas, of course, at such short notice I couldn’t get a seat. There were seats available, but no, my ticket could not be upgraded into another economy class seat. Yes, externally they all look the same, but in the system each seat is different. I was pulling my hair out. Darling B said it wasn’t a problem and I should just save from stressing and book with another airline. Of course I didn’t, I waited until the last available moment. I knew the Qantas Waitlist phone number and all the call waiting songs off by heart, I hoped and prayed there would be a cancellation but there wasn’t.

Thankyou B for getting me another flight with the AMAZING Singapore Airlines. Brilliant service. The complete opposite of the dreaded Iberian Airlines we used to and from Cuba. Singapore always hands out those little steaming facial towels which always puts me in such a good mood. I snuggle down in my seat, with pillow and blanket, flip my remote control out and then start a Movie Marathon with such endurance it’s on scale with Comrades. Please don’t ask me what I watched, it’s all a bit of a blur. But I do remember being brought 3 Tex chocolate bars, 1 apple (which I ate out of guilt), Cointreau to add to my coffee and numerous orange juices. And that was on top of the delightful little in-flight meals.

In Singapore I was planning to meet Catalina for coffee but unfortunately she was ill. So instead I called her from a cafe and caught up on all the goss for over an hour! This probably didn’t help her ear ache but there was just so much to talk about especially since we’re in similar situations. Though she isn’t running from the authorities just yet, as she put it.

Sammie picked me up at the airport on Thursday night, after I’d eaten my last in-flight meal of Croissant and Orange Juice. Crazy meal, as universally I'm sure it's usually classified as breakfast. It thus started some loppy jet lag.

Thank you to Sammie and Dan for looking after me on my first few days.

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