Monday, 19 February 2007


Sammie and I surprised Dad at home. Sammie told him to sit on her bed with his hands out as she had a late birthday surprise for him. I crept in and put my hands in his and we squealed, “Surprise!”. He late told us that he was startled and opened his eyes early because he could hear two sets of breathing in the room – true, I was panting from having run in off the street where I was hiding.

After the surprise we tucked into our traditional lunch of roast chicken
followed by cream & syrup on fresh bread

That evening I attended Arlie (my cousin) and Grant’s wedding. It was the first wedding I’ve attended that wasn’t for my parents. Arlie looked a dream in a stunning gown with a crystal beaded bodice and long train. But her second bridesmaid, Foxy almost stole the show. Foxy was all dressed up in a lace collar with matching satin lead and gracefully followed Arlie down the isle to sit at her left. Everyone was joking that Foxy didn’t recognise Arlie because she was in a dress!

Dad & Sam "Lets Twist Again"

Sammie & Cousin Jill

As always it was great to catch up with the cousins and we ended the night in high spirits at the infamous Fibber Magees.

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