Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Surprise Brunch

Sunday morning had Sammie and I out of bed far too early – Dad was enticing us with cooked breakfast. And before I knew it we were at Hovenden surprising Mum and PJ who were there visiting Marnie and Pang. Far too hangover to coordinate a special surprise, I just made a run for it, trying not to be spotted by everyone brunching in the courtyard.

Shame, poor Mummy almost had a heart attack. I sometimes forget how much my parents miss me, and how cruel it is that I have moved permanently overseas. She went as pink as her Polo shirt and promptly burst into tears. Aunty Jo grabbed her car keys and made a quick exit to buy celebratory champagne. Sammie passed out in the spare room while I retold my deportation story in all its gory detail.

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