Monday, 26 March 2007

Diggers Club

Mum and I did some voluntary work at the local council nursery. In return they gave us a few Liquid Amber trees. We planted them in our new Guests Car Park to give shade – though that will be about 10 years away!


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome kiddo, I think our shared passion for things green is a blessing, given that neither of us sees such work as tedious! - In fact the screen at Welg is starting to oxidise which looks brilliant (remem what a mess it was to oil in the first place - I really do do some dumb things!) and the beaug's are flourishing - yes even the dodgy one. Its cool to see you and the Digby's busy and smiling - in fact, it fills me with hope. Im sorry for the kak darling. Please let me know what transpired with WC. Yours, B

Anonymous said...

Such attractive slave labour...all in the disguise of sharing knowledge. Mothers can really be naughty sometimes when their children are so willing! Thank you Darling for the joy of sharing this with me. xxx